The Problem

It’s the curse of a growing rep firm. You have the freedom to generate a universe of ideas, but lack the resources to execute them. You know there’s a return on a web site that sells and services your customers. But the resources to create and manage the site you envision simply aren’t there. Meanwhile, the manufacturers you represent are trimming commissions and asking for more of your time.

The Solution

eMedia Technologies, Inc. has the solution. They are called RepWeb Tools and DigiBinder. Our RepWeb Tools package gives you everything you need to bring forth the vision of your web site, no matter what markets you serve. And with RepWeb Tools you will do it inexpensively and easily with no need to know any web based programming.

No hassles. No worry. No sweat. No waiting. We have taken the core functions rep firms need from a web site and put them into a most cost effective package. The resulting site will allow your firm to communicate more effectively with your clients while increasing the level of customer support you give them. More information and easier access to it will enable your clients to give you more business. And with our optional DigiBinder module, you can say goodbye to three ring binders and the ongoing support they need. No waiting means we can have you on line within days of your order.

You control the site. With RepWeb Tool's powerful content management system, updating the content or changing the layout is no more difficult then typing a letter in your word processor. Best of all, your web site can be managed from anywhere there’s a web connection.
The manufacturer and his website are too far removed from the customer. The rep is his first line of defense, and if he's not there in the presence of a website, he can count on his competitors being there. from eMedia Technologies, Inc.

You get new product and pricing information from 17 different lines every week.
Your customer expects a product binder that is always, completely, 100% up to date...

Especially your price sheets.

Smile. Your problem has just been solved.

With the power of the web, eMedia Technologies, Inc. offers a solution for rep firms that will allow you to give your customers an information source that is always, completely 100% up to date.

DigiBinder is a web based application that allows you to quickly organize and upload a complete online library of virtually any resource including spec sheets, manuals, price sheets, images and more. The interface is simple to use. DigiBinder can be used stand-alone or it can be integrated into your existing web site, driving more traffic to it.

Please visit our marketing site for DigiBinder to learn more about this powerful, cost saving tool.

What You Need to Do

RepWeb Tools and DigiBinder are powerful, easy to use, and easy to manage web based tools that will enable your firm to be more efficient and productive while providing better support to your clients. Learn more about RepWeb Tools here. Then contact us so we can provide you with pricing information on RepWeb Tools, DigiBinder, or a total solution including both. eMedia Technologies, Inc. will get your rep firm on the Web. Now.