Multi-Line Marketing Group

RepWebTools has made MMG’s job of keeping special offers in front of clients much easier. Whenever one of our multiple vendors has a new offering, whether it is product, pr, pricing, we are able to load onto our site immediately. Many times prior to the vendor, who has to wait on an agency to fit in the schedule. The biggest effect we have seen is that it allows us to direct our clients to one site, ours, versus to each individual sites of our vendors. This allows us to maintain the relationship with them, not pass them off to the vendor as well as being a powerful tool to cross sell our lines. The site is easy to maintain and looks professional, not like an afterthought.

As for DigiBinder, it allows us to make certain offerings, pricing, etc, available to select clients. With the size of support files and security concerns we can direct our clients to their DigiBinder account to prevent clogging up there email boxes with large files. They just download them directly from DigiBinder. By broadcast emailing from DigiBinder we can let them know when new and important information is ready and keep everyone current.

Having been a manufacturer’s rep firm for 15+ years, we can recommend RepWebTools and DigiBinder as cost effective tools that no rep firm should be without.

Robert Louis Associates

Robert Louis Associates (RLA) has been using eMedia services and Digibinder since 2002. eMedia helps RLA stay connected with our clients any time of the day, 24/7. Digibinder has been an effective tool that allows us to give our clients the latest news from our manufacturers in real time. In 2012 eMedia helped us redesign our website to allow us to engage with our clients even more and the reception to the new site has been overwhelming.

Christopher Jobes
Robert Louis Associates